Kabinet Mirage

Kabinet Mirage

Transdisciplinary Theater.

Co-founder, co-director, composer, actor, musician.

Kabinet Mirage is a theatre company that researches and performs art integration, directed by Ibon Goitia and Cielo Faccio.


Approaching live music as a direct emotion-transmitter, a powerful tool that stimulates our vast subconsciousness, and integrating it with other performing arts such as pantomime, dance, puppets, jongleur, clowning etc., this Kabinet tends to reveal and share trascendental moments. The odd beings living in it, the mirages, are multifaceted reflections, aware of their condition as both characters and storytellers, weave and weavers, puppets and puppeteers… So observing and showing the delusive and changeable nature of “reality”, they perform willing to stimulate an awakening, questioning everything, mirroring different sides of the human drama and bringing up the power of imagination. At the same time, the mirages always seek individual and collective growth that leads to the overcoming of any kind of barriers: cultural exchange, expanded communication through universal languages, integration of techniques and disciplines, fusion of diverse musical genres, critic to dogmatic systems, involvement of audience as actors…


If you happen to find this little Kabinet somewhere, open it and just let yourself fall into the world of wandering mirages.


Enjoy the journey!