Welcome to Dardarka. My name is Ibon Goitia and this is my music and theatre world.


Music is vibration, and so makes people vibrate. Through the medium of sound, a dramatic dew covers and constantly transforms a misterious reality. The Theater of Life shines, the journey begins. A flow of emotions takes us to deeper states, we fall into a dream and fantasy becomes real. New worlds are discovered and lived out within our projections, letting us be beyond time and space.


This is the meaning of Dardarka (which literally means "vibrating" in Basque). It's a state of constant shuddering, where sound causes breathing, being. It is a disposition that makes one expand, and so be plural and musical. I'm a mere flowing, fluttering presence that wants to increase vibration, find resonances and so be an active part of the vast Musical Consciousness.


On this site you'll find some echoes of my work.


Enjoy the journey.

Essence of Dardarka

Three main concepts compose Dardarka, and every artistic process I'm involved in is an amalgamation of this constellation. This is why, how and where I create.

The Subject. It's the awareness of being an actor, a magician who can create any reality. It's our changeable individuality, our essencial vibration, our consciousness and ideas. It's me and it's you. While observing, everyone is being observed, so a passive spectator is just a half-asleep actor.


The Will. It's the force that makes things happen. Through the will we expand our vibration in any direction. We are part of a vast net of will interaction, in which if one doesn't consciously take a decision, someone else's will affect it.

The Stage. It's the frame in which a happening can be experienced. It's the physical or metaphysical manifestation of the will interactions in a particular moment, where the vibration becomes very dense and can be noted by our multiple senses. It's the place where mirrors meet mirrors and the illusion of reality occurs.